Millenium 30" pipeline

Mountain Valley Pipeline LLC official information website describes the proposed pipeline, its route through West Virginia, the review process, with route and parcel maps and FAQ at:

The project proposes to lay a steel pipe, 42 inches in diameter, 300 miles north-south on the eastern side of West Virginia, to carry methane gas into Virginia, where it would connect to existing pipelines. It would cross western Greenbrier County, entering the county near Rainelle and finally exiting into Summers County.

The pipeline would require approximately 125 feet of easement along the route. This right of way would be cleared to the ground. A 9 foot trench would be dug for the pipeline, which would have over 3 feet of fill above. Also along the route would be an environmental sensitivity and study zone. The project website states that the land will be restored as much as possible to its original condition and original land uses can be resumed. However, large trees may not be planted in the 50-foot pipeline maintenance zone and landowners may not build structures on the easement.

The pipeline would have blast radius of 1100 feet, on either side, all along the route. It is desirable that no habitations be located within the blast zone. The total impact zone of the pipeline, including easements, sensitivity zone, and blast zone, is, therefore, over 2000 feet wide.

To move the methane gas through the pipeline, at least four compressor stations must be built along it. The compressor units require 4 or so acres situated in a 20-acre reserve. The company proposes to build a compressor station off the Dawson-Springdale Rd., inside Fayette County, near the Greenbrier-Fayette county line.


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